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Annette Shukry, Owner, SeekingSitters Omaha Metro

Annette Shukry- Satisfied Customer to Franchise Owner!

After recently moving to Omaha, Annette and Mo Shukry, parents of two elementary age children, quickly faced the challenges of finding trustworthy, reliable sitters in a new town.  After Annette's great experience as a member of SeekingSitters Oklahoma City Metro for 7 years, she decided to provide the same easy, safe and reliable service to the families of Eastern Nebraska.  

"Seeing the need for babysitters, for myself and for friends asking around for help, made me passionate about bringing the dependable system of SeekingSitters (which I know and trust) to my family and friends in Nebraska."

Annette earned her Bachelor's Degree from Louisiana State University - Baton Rouge.  After college, she worked in sales, service, and management.  Annette and Mo met in New Orleans and have been married for 10 years.  After starting a family, Annette stayed home to take care of her small children, while working part-time at her daughter and son's pre-school as a substitute teacher.  In Oklahoma City, Annette worked with several organizations that emphasized early childhood education and literacy.  She now volunteers at her children's school library. 

When Annette's family moved to Omaha for her husband's work as the new Chief of Anesthesia at Children's Hospital of Omaha, Annette jumped at the chance to provide the same sitting services they had learned to love in Oklahoma.  Mo Shukry said, "Using SeekingSitters always brought us a peace of mind.  I know that SeekingSitters' sitters are professionals whose background has been thoroughly checked.  Plus, my kids looked forward to having fun with their sitters."  Annette believes that families in the Omaha Metro and Lincoln areas will benefit from the comprehensive service that SeekingSitters strives to provide to all of its members.   

Annette is the owner of the SeekingSitters Omaha Metro and Lincoln locations.  

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